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Badass Business Owners: Local Businesses Serving their Communities

Do You Own or Operate a Local Small Business?

Want to Earn $100,000 in Take Home Pay?

Hey Badass Business Owner!  Do You Want to Earn a 6 Figure Income but you are already working 60, 70 hours a week, and still struggle to grow your small business? Local Small Business Owners are some of the hardest working people I know! Busting your butt each day to serve your communities. Well, this show is for you. My mission is to help you earn an awesome income!

Each week we discuss how you can increase your profits, boost your sales, improve your processes & develop stronger teams. Each episode will provide an action tip you can take to help you level up your business and bring in more income.

Why struggle alone? I'm here to help


Jul 30, 2018


EPISODE 208 of The Local Small Business Coach Podcast


Do You Own Your Business or Does it Own You?


In today’s episode:

Working too Many Hours and Feeling Your Business is Out of Control? If you are missing out on life and feel like you have no control, I think you know the answer. Far too often we are...

Jul 26, 2018


EPISODE 207 of The Local Small Business Coach Podcast


Why You Need to Stay in Touch with Your Past Customers


In today’s episode:


It is Easier (and Cheaper) to Keep a Customer Than to Find New Ones. Too often, we spend our time and energy trying to track down new customers or clients. The reality is we need to...

Jul 23, 2018


EPISODE 206 of The Local Small Business Coach Podcast


What to Do if Your Business Isn't Taking Off


In today’s episode:

Whether you have started a new small business or you have been in business for a year or two, we often times run into times when our business has stalled and lacks growth. Frustration begins...

Jul 19, 2018


EPISODE 205 of The Local Small Business Coach Podcast


Grow Your Business By Being Curious About Your Numbers


In today’s episode:

Do you have a natural curiosity? What if I told you that you your curiosity could lead to an increase in sales & profits?  You see, the brain loves to figure out problems, so if you...

Jul 16, 2018


EPISODE 204 of The Local Small Business Coach Podcast


What Should Your Employee Return on Investment Be?


In today’s episode:

Is There an Easy Way to Determine What an Employee Should Be Bringing in Revenue? Well, that is a tricky question since all businesses are different and expectations of each position you...