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Badass Business Owners: Your Local Small Business Coach for More Profits & Sales

Do You Own or Operate a Local Small Business?

Want to Earn $100,000 in Take Home Pay?

Hey Badass Business Owner!  Do You Want to Earn a 6 Figure Income but you are already working 60, 70 hours a week, and still struggle to grow your small business? Local Small Business Owners are some of the hardest working people I know! Busting your butt each day to serve your communities. Well, this show is for you. My mission is to help you earn an awesome income!

Each week we discuss how you can increase your profits, boost your sales, improve your processes & develop stronger teams. Each episode will provide an action tip you can take to help you level up your business and bring in more income.

Why struggle alone? I'm here to help


Feb 18, 2019


EPISODE 238 of The Local Small Business Coach Podcast

Close Down Your Business or Pivot?

In today’s episode:  Do you feel like you are failing in your business? Do you feel paralyzed and not sure what to do next? When we are struggling in our business, we need to step back and ask ourselves if it is time to close the business or just pivot. We need to stop feeling like a failure and start putting in place a plan of action to get into a better place both personally and in your business.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much tempory defeat and perhaps some failure” – Napoleon Hill



The Local Small Business Coach Podcast is for Local Small Business Owners who are tired of living job to job and want to get to $100,000 in personal income. Each episode we discuss how to increase your profits, boost your sales, improve your processes and develop stronger teams.








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