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Oct 28, 2016

Episode 16 – The Local Small Business Coach Podcast

Today We Discuss: Q &A: Help, I Need More Advertising!


In today’s episode: We discuss a Franchisee’s question on not getting enough advertising



Today’s questions comes from Kristen.  Kristen asks…

Hey Tammy, I own a business that is part of a franchise. As part of my franchise agreement, I pay 5% of my sales into the company advertising pool. The problem is, it seems all the money goes into the bigger cities and none of it is used at my local level. This is very frustrating as I put in thousands of dollars and get nothing in return. What can I do to get some of this money to be spent on my potential customers?  I appreciate any insight you might have since you mentioned your store was a franchise as well.   Kristen


Kristen, you are speaking to me! This was probably my biggest frustration as a franchisee.   There is nothing worse than pouring money into something that you never see any benefit from.


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