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Be a PROFITABLE Badass Small Business Owner

Do You Own or Operate a Local Small Business?

Want to Earn $100,000 in Take Home Pay?

Helping Badass Local Small Business Owners like handymen, cleaners, landscapers, painters, tradesmen, dog groomers, franchisees, pool cleaners, other service-based businesses, & brick and mortar business owners have profitable businesses. If you are working 60, 70 hours a week, serving your communities, yet struggling to grow your small business's sales & profits, then, this show is for you. You Deserve an Awesome Income!

Each week we discuss how you can increase your profits, boost your sales, improve your processes & develop stronger teams. Each episode will provide an action tip you can take to help you level up your business and bring in more income.

Why struggle alone? I'm here to help


Feb 27, 2020

Looking for Sales Opportunities Everywhere You Go

The other day I drove right past an awesome sales opportunity for a local landscaper. I couldn’t wait to share it with him. If we keep our eyes open, there are sales opportunities everywhere and thousands of dollars are waiting for us to pick them up!...

Feb 24, 2020

Hiring for Your “Why” and Not Just the Job

When you hire for your “why” you end up getting an employee who is fired up to help you with your mission. When you hire for the job you get someone who is there for a paycheck. Which type of employee would you prefer?




The Local Small Business Coach Podcast is...

Feb 20, 2020

Gross Profit vs Net Profit

Do you know the difference between your gross profit and your net profit? Keep in mind, Sales – COGs – Expenses = Net Profit. Your Gross Profit is before your expenses. Make sure you keep this in mind before you start counting the money you’ve “made”. Net profit is the true measure...

Feb 17, 2020

If You Confuse You Lose

Are You Confusing Your Customers or Clients? If you are giving them way too many options, then you are! Don’t believe me? Think about what happens when someone asks you where you want to go to eat. Too many options cause you not to want to pick something, but given 3 options, you pick quickly....

Feb 13, 2020

Your Accountant is Your Business Partner - Start Using Them!

If you have or use an accountant or bookkeeper then you want to make sure you are using them to your advantage. Don’t just take what they give you and toss it on the desk. Open it up and sit down with them to understand what your numbers are telling you....