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Oct 21, 2016

Episode 13 – The Local Small Business Coach Podcast

Today We Discuss: Question on Finding Help that Sticks Around


In today’s episode, we will discuss why do I think your team is your #1 asset.

For today’s question, I’m actually going to answer one that I had from a small business owner I was speaking with the other day.  This business owner has no employees but does hire folks for the day to help with various jobs. Technically they are called independent contractors for those of you mistakenly call them temporary help. While yes, they are usually temporary, in the eyes of the government, temporary help is usually associated with hired folks. Those who you hire for a job here and there and are not part of your hired team are called these independent contractors.


Now, the subject or hired folks vs independent contractors can get pretty complicated and not for this particular episode but we will discuss it more in a future podcast.


Ok, now back to our question. This business owner’s question was: How do you find people that will last longer than a few hours or that you can at least count on and they do a good job?


The first thing that popped to mind when he asked the question was where has he been finding his “hired hands” from currently?  I already had an idea but wanted to get confirmation that my hunch was correct.


You see, experience has shown that when someone needs help for the day they tend to look around for folks that have nothing to do but might want to make some extra money. So they typically will ask around, ask people they run into, folks on the corner, things like that. Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of folks picked up for a days work through the years on the corners of Home Depot.


When I asked this small business owner, my hunch was correct. He found his help typically through folks he ran into. His last one was someone from his street who had been looking for work.


While this can be a quick fix to the problem of needing someone right away, honestly, you are lucky to get what you get.   Here’s why this approach rarely works out.



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