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Sep 25, 2016

Episode 1 LSBC -  Being Open to Change in Your Business


Welcome back to our Official Episode #1 of the Local Small Business Coach Podcast. Hopefully you had a chance to listen to episode 0 in which I shared a little about myself and my journey to this point. During the course of the podcast I’m sure I’ll share even more. 


Originally I was going to discuss a different topic but after recording and then editing Episode 0, I realized that I really needed to start with the topic of change.


Here is some of what you will hear: 


The best business leaders are ones that have realized they need to embrace change. They realize that they needed to study success and do what successful people do.


I want to challenge each of you as spend time together to keep an open mind and to try the various best practices you will hear. Remember, they aren’t just my best practices, they are best practices from many local small business owners.


  • I will challenge you to dive into your business more
  • I will challenge you to change the way you currently spend your time
  • I will challenge you to look at your competitors in a positive way and not just how you kick their butt
  • I will challenge you on how you hire and onboard your people
  • Over time I hope to challenge you on all aspects of your business


But here is the cool thing, here is what you can expect in return…


  • You will take your business to a higher net income level
    • At minimum, I believe every local small business owner should make $100,000 dollars in profit - Yes, profit, and not just sales
  • You will find yourself not living job to job. Instead you will be building a future for not only your business but more importantly for your family
  • You will make a huge difference in your local community
  • You will have the best teams or crews and be the envy of others
  • You will get over those hurdles that have been holding you and your business back.


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